Thursday, January 27, 2011

MagnoNails XL plates

No news from our own plates. This is getting a long wait, sorry for that. While waiting for news, me and iso-K made a combined order to MagnoNails. We just had to get those XL plates! Iso-K had plates D,E and F, I went for plates B,C and D.

I was very curious whether the most intricate patterns will stamp or not, so I tried the trickiest ones on paper first.

 These images are from plate B. It has a lot of fancy retro style images.

These are from plate C. I love the little details of the images on this plates. I think these were the easiest to stamp from these three plates. This plate also has many images with interesting edges that are suitable for stamping the nail only partially, in non-french way. 

And these are from plate D. I think the animal prints were not the easiest to stamp with, but they look really nice.

I love the french (and other) edges in the images, which make these more usable for long nail owners. At first sight the images were also great, but now after trying these I wish they has used more thought on image stampability. I mean, the images are still great, but these are not the plates to start your stamping hobby with as the images are not the easiest to stamp.

The images are a real polish hoarders, so you cannot use them by putting the stamping polish beside the image and scaping. You will have to put the polish directly on the image. I guess some of you do that anyway and that is not a change in workflow, but I have always done it in the other way.

Big plate size is also a disadvantage from my point of view. It is harder to clean and store these than the small plates. But overall, I do like these plates a lot. They have images that really suit my taste. I just wish I had ordered the flower plates (E&F) for myself too, they ended up being my favorite. I'd never expected that, but they are so well designed that they made an impression. 

We did not realize there is an XL stamper available too, so these were stamped with regular Konad stamper. I really wish I had ordered the bigger stamper, since I really had problems stamping these (full nail way). My nails are a bit curvy and the Konad stamper is not big and squishy enough to cover them easily.

Here are my first manicures with these plates:

The cells are from the plate D. I had Essie BBF Best Boyfriend on the bottom and stamped with Konad Violet Pearl Special polish. I think the result is one of the worst manicures that I've ever had. The idea did not work at all. Here you can see what I meant about the problems with Konad stamper and curvy nails. I need to roll the stamper to cover the whole nail, so the stamp is discontinuous in either the tip or the bottom. Here you can see the problem in the tips. I did not put any top coat, since I took this off right away.

Here is my second try. Image is from plate C. I have China Glaze Recycle on the bottom, and stamped with Konad Special White. I love the new Konad Special White Pearl, but it does not have the coverage of the old faithful Special White. I really like this manicure, even though I still had problems in stamping. I am not too picky with my stamps. I never redo, even if they would be little off or messy as these are. People (except you) are not going to look my nails up close anyway.

I have heard that MagnoNails would deliver to US (with special email request), but if you do not want to do that, these same plates are available also from Chez Delaney. They are a lot more expensive there though, at least if you are planning to order more than one plate.


  1. Kivoja leimauksia ja kiva että tykkäsitte :) mulle tulee vielä lisää kamaa sieltä, otin sen ison stampperin ihan huvikseni. Katsotaan nyt miten paljon isompi se on ja onko sillä helpompi leimata. Mun XL laatat on olleet tosi vähällä käytöllä, pitäisi ryhdistäytyä :)

  2. Kiitos!

    Musta noi isot laatat on jotenkin kömpelöitä ja isoja kuvioita on jotenkin vaikeampi kohdistaakin kuin normaalinkokoisia. Mä en tajua kuinka ihmeessä sait sen käärmeennahkakuvion niin hienosti pitkiin kynsiisi.

    Vaikea sanoa kuinka paljon noita tulee käytettyä. Silti harmittaa se ison stampperin puuttuminen... Nailphile ainakin arvosteli että se on tosi pehmeä (ei siis tykännyt), mutta just sitä oikeastaan haluaisin stampperilta, kun kynnet kaartuu niin paljon.

  3. i love these plates... I'm trying to test them all out 1 by 1 (So far Ive tested 1-20 on plate XL A)..

    I don't know why i didn't get plate C =( but i love A & B.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and your plates xxx


  4. I'm glad you got them! XL plates for everyone!! I really want that Tattoo Girl plate it's killing me. I've been stamping silly...this one is my fave right now.

  5. @SarahLouise1986
    Thanks for the link to your blog. It is nice to see images sampled!

    I love that image too. Your manicure looks great.

    I have had some strange problems in stamping with these, but it must be because I am trying to get them stamped on long full nail with the small stamper.

    What is your opinion about the xl stamper?

  6. Siis aivanko oikeasti postikulut tuossa puljussa ovat Saksasta Suomeen yli 30€?!? Siihen tyssäsi laattojen tilaus ellei saisi järjesteltyä tosi suurta kimppatilausta. :<

  7. Joo, toi on kimppatilauskauppa.

    Chez Delaney:lla taas yksi laatta maksaa 40€, joten lopputilanne on aivan sama (jos tilaa vaan yhden laatan).

  8. Hey hunny

    I finally reviewed the last 22 images on plate =)

  9. Those plates look great with such different designs. When ever I stamp they don't turn out as clean as yours do.

  10. How can i order them if I live in America?

  11. You cannot order directly from the webshop, you will have to mail them separately. I do not know if they will still do that, but at least some of the commentors here were able to get them send stuff over. And with lower postages too!

  12. Does anyone know the email address to send my request to? I went to Magnonails website and I can't understand any of it. Not sure where that information would be.

  13. Hi there,

    I have the same question as Anonymous. I do not understand German, so I am unable to navigate around the website. Do you have a contact and an email address to send my request through? I would love to purchase these plates.


  14. Here is their contact page:

    Use for example google translate to find out what to put into fields.

  15. I ordered my XL plates! I'm so excited but I have to wait to receive them.