Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DIY: Superlarge Transparent Stamper

Charming Nails just posted and excellent review of the MagnoNails XL stamper. She has good side-by-side comparison images of the Konad large stamper and MagnoNails XL stamper. After reading the review I was tearing my hair again - Why, oh why did I not order XL stamper for myselft?!? After having enough, I decided to cut my nails and go with shorter ones for a while. Now I can again stamp whatever I want. Plah.

But that reminded me of the funny thing I did last summer while being desperate that there would be no way to stamp our big images.

I did myself a superlarge flexible floppy stamper. I apologise the quality of these photos, these were not originally taken for publishing.

It is so soft that you can do even the largest and longest nails with it, plus it is transparent. No more missplaced images. So, how do you use this thing?

Well, much like a regular stamper, but you have to take care yourself that it comes into contact with the plate neatly. I used to keep other side of it in between my fingers and then use my index finger to slide it over the image.

And when taking it off the plate, you have to be careful not to stretch it much, but otherwise it is quite easy. And the easiest part is the stamping, you just flop the thing over your nail.

Here you can see the final result. The floppy is sticky and it keeps part of the stamping polish, so the image has a little thinner layer of polish than when stamping with Konad. You need to clean it up by stamping the rest to a magazine cover or some other paper surface. That is what I do with regular stamper too, it is much easier and faster than cleaning it up with nail polish remover.

I guess you must be jumping up and down by now, and I am sorry to disappoint you but there is a catch here: This did-it-yourself floppy stamper is made of gelatin! Mix some berries and you can eat it after you have done your nails. (Just joking, do NOT eat your stamper!)

There is really not much wrong with this self-made version, except that it basically is "food", so it gets bad quite fast, even if stored in a fridge. Also, you cannot clean it up with polish remover, it would melt. And the last, but not least, you have to be fast or it becomes really sticky and starts melting in your hands. Nice, huh?

Making it is easy, just mix the water and gelatin powder and warm a little in the microwave oven. Then let it thicken in the fridge.

I had some great laughs and fun time with this floppy stamper, but eventually I felt that it was not really worth the trouble. It would have been, if I would have been able to do it out of silicone or some lasting material.

I really wish that eventually some manufacturer will publish a stamper like this.


  1. Wow what a grea idea. Are you seriously going to let someone else steal your idea?!? Maybe you could try selling the idea yourself...

  2. Thanks Ida!

    This idea is up for grabbing. I did think of having these manufactured, but decided not to go for it. Maybe if the Konad patent did not exist and we would have started our plate shop, then I would have wanted to have these on sale there. But now... nah.

  3. Hey dear!
    Today I foun your blog, and reading this post about stamping plate I laught a lot xD
    Really, I ever think how make some stamper more effective, ´cuz my stamper is the classic model of konad =/
    So thank you very much to teach us this method!
    I have a blog to but, is in portuguese ( I´m brazilian), but, u are alway welcome there (have a translate bar in right side ^^)


    I´m following you! Kisses!


  4. Thanks Vikamila! You have a nice blog.

  5. Is it really made of gelatin! That is such an awesome idea. I wouldnt even care if I had to make a new stamper each time lol

  6. This makes Nail Art so much easier. I've just posted a blog on the UK nail art scene that's going crazy at the moment. What do you think http://www.candynails.co.uk/html/article/nail-art-design-trends-nail-polish Adam x

  7. Perhaps these Gelli plates could work in a similar fashion?