Thursday, February 3, 2011

Konad Sponge Nail Art Set and Shirley's plates

Shirley published her nail art stamping plates yesterday. Way to go Shirley! The plates can be found in her blog, Shirley's Beauty & Nails. Sally, thanks for telling me about these plates!

Shirley seems to have same problems than Chez Delaney had. Only 21 of Shirley's 40 plates are stampable. Even though Shirley's images are nice, I am not going to get these until I see how others succeed in stamping them.

Other thing that I want to tell you about is the Konad sponge nail art set, which I finally bought for myself. I could have tried with a regular sponge, but it would have kept bugging me if the set would be better.

This was my very first try. As always, I started with Nubar Foundation. Then I sponged the tips with Konad Special White Pearl. Super easy and super fast! Almost too fast, so I continued to stamp with a flowery image from Konad m31. I have some yellow stains in my nails that show through, but overall I love this look.

Here is the second try. To hide the yellow stains, I started with Essie BBF Best Boyfriend. I sponged the tips with Konad Special White Pearl and continued to stamp with Bundle Monster BM20. This is one of my favorite BM images and I stamped it using both Konad Special White Pearl and China Glaze Millennium. The stamps came out anything but perfect, but it kind of suits this runny-paint-looking style. Love this one too!

And here is the third try. I wanted to try something non-french that would suit the wintery weather outside. I started with two layers of China Glaze millennium. Then I sponged the tips heavily with Konad Special Pastel Blue and immediately continued to stamp with flowers from Bundle Monster BM12. Then I just redid the same with Konad Special White, sponge tips and stamp. I think this came out great and hope to keep it for a long time. While cleaning the sponges I dropped some nail polish remover on my ring finger nail, but it's not that bad in real life.

I just love these manicures. So as you may guess, I really like the Konad sponge set. It is very easy to use, much easier than Konad stamping set is. It is fast too, and even though the finish is not of airbrush quality, it is really nice. But you need to use a top coat that blends the colors a bit and makes the transitions smoother. I use Nubar Diamont. It does not smudge the Konad special polishes and dries in three minutes.

One of the best things in this set is that now I finally have some use for the stamping plates that contain little images. It is much easier to combine them with this sponge set than alone. At least for me, that is.

Also, as Konad Special White Pearl does not have as good coverage as Special White, this is a perfect way to use it up. With Special White, you get a really clean look. And with Special White Pearl, the look is more natural, which often suits me better.

What I did not like about this set, were the tiny polish bottles and tweezers bundled with the set. The tweezers are probably in the package since the sponge holder keeps detaching from the sponge. But they are too small to be really useful in holding the sponge.

I did like that there is some system for holding the sponge and a reusable plate where to pick the color from. But you could easily substitute with a similar kitchen sponge and any plastic plate. Taken that into concern I think this set is a bit overprice. But I am not regretting for a minute for buying it!


  1. Voi miten kivoja kynsiä! Etenkin alempi manikyyri ilahdutti ja inspiroi minua kokeilemaan samantyylistä kunhan tässä kerkiää :))
    Jotenkin tosi kivasti erottuu nuo kukkaset vaikka kaikki tavallaan on samaa värimaailmaa.

    Spongeilu on kivaa, nopeaa ja helppoa! Sillä saa laitettua kynnet tosi äkkiä jos illalla on vaikka vähän kiire mutta haluaa vähän koristella.

    Mä meinasin uskaltautua tilaamaan Shirleyltä muutamia laattoja. Kysyin kyllä vielä toimiiko juuri ne haluamani. En tiedä kyllä haluanko niitä jos eivät toimi kunnolla. Onhan ne Delaneyn D laatat hienoja ja kuviot erikoisia mutta niillä leimailu on vähän hankalaa :/

  2. Kiitos!

    Kiva kun meinaat kokeilla noita Shirleyn laattoja. Kiinnostaa kyllä kuulla kuinka ne toimii.

  3. Hello can you tell me where i can order Shiley's plates i went tot he site and there is abunch of links to other sites that contain plates but not her plates can you please help me??? thank you!!!